Green Builder

AJC Partners continues our dedication to minimize our impact on the environment through responsible building practices. Beginning in 2008, we have made a commitment to build all of our homes to EnergyStar’s strict guidelines.  This designation is only given through the successful completion of 3 stringent independent audits conducted by an Energy Star consultant. What does this mean for you?

  • Homeowners gain peace of mind in a tightly sealed home that is typically up to 20-30% more efficient than standard homes.
  • Homeowners are able to qualify for “Energy Efficient Mortgages,” allowing the lender to increase the borrower’s income by a dollar amount equal to the estimated energy savings.  Energy Efficient Mortgages also adjusts the value of the home to reflect the value of the energy efficiency measures. (consult your loan and/or tax professional for additional benefits and terms)
  • We only install Low-E coated windows that minimize passive heat gain and cold loss. The Low-E coating also reduces sun induced fading by up to 75% on items such as photographs, furniture, flooring, and window treatments.
  • All our HVAC equipment is ultra high efficient – furnaces are a minimum of 92% efficient and air conditioner units are a minimum of 15 seer.  All ducts are sealed and return airs are located in each room, where they are always sheet metal panned.  This means that your heating and cooling system operates more efficiently, effectively heating and cooling your living space, rather than leaking behind walls or into unfinished spaces.
  • We only use blow in cellulose and expanding foam insulation in the home’s exterior envelope. This ensures a tighter home, with less energy consumption, lower drafts, and overall increased comfort.
  • We utilize Low VOC (volatile organic chemical) lumber, paint, sealant, and floor coverings wherever possible. This results in healthier indoor air quality and a lowered risk of respiratory illness and some cancers.
  • All these features rarely significantly add to the cost of the home. We have established relationships with suppliers and contractors that already have experience in green building.  Factoring in your utility savings and a higher value home, these features add, rather than cost.