Behind the Walls Quality

The beauty of an AJC Partners home is more than skin-deep.  While we believe our finish out is unparalleled, we know that what is behind the walls is as important to the long-term value of your home.

At AJC Partners, we are meticulous about delivering a home we would be proud to live in.  Through our extensive experience in residential building and continuing education, we have learned methods for ensuring a long life for your home, methods that many builders don’t understand or even concern themselves with.  Here are just a few facets of our quality control process.

FOUNDATION: Ordering the correct concrete mix is a critical ingredient to a perfect base.  Factors that must be considered include the soil content, slope of the lot, the moisture content of the concrete and the weather conditions on the day of the pour and the following weeks after the pour.  All concrete in our foundation walls is vibrated when poured to ensure that all voids are adequately filled; the foundation then receives a waterproofing membrane, warranted against leaking for the life of the home.

FRAMING: The most important aspect to framing is a thorough knowledge of structural design and engineering.  Large spans are becoming more prevalent in our industry due to the open floor plan requirements of homeowners. These spans require additional structural support to ensure sagging will not occur over time.

We typically “stick-build” our homes utilizing conventional platform framing techniques.  Walls are built with solid wood studs that are hand checked for mold and structural integrity before it is used in a home.  Engineered Floor systems are utilized in all our homes to prevent inconsistent floors and ½” plywood is utilized for all our roof decking for structural support.  We do not use molded, warped, or utility grade structural lumber in our homes.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning): Your HVAC system is a critical component in indoor air quality.  A properly installed and sized system will adequately cool and warm the home, minimizing hot or cold zones.  We utilize a return air duct for every room and insulate and seal all supply and return ducts.  Only super high efficient gas furnaces and air conditioner units are utilized in an AJC Partners\’ home.

PLUMBING: To ensure there are no leaks in the plumbing, we put water in the pipes of our homes, with the appropriate amount of pressure, for several weeks before sheet rock.  During this time, we visually inspect every joint for even the tiniest leak.  By the time sheet rock goes up, any problem will have been identified and repaired.

INSULATION: All our homes are insulated with a minimum of blow in cellulose to effectively fill all voids in walls and attic spaces. Gaps in windows and doors are sealed with spray foam insulation and sill plates are caulked to minimize air intrusion.  All this results in a tighter, more energy efficient home that reduces utility bills.