Additions / Renovations

Additions and Renovations make up a significant portion of our work at AJC Partners.  Projects range from kitchen and bath remodels to whole house transformations.  Our high standards from new construction apply equally to our renovation work.  As with new construction, we integrate the elements of architectural design, construction management, effective communication and client interface with superior craftsmanship to ensure a cost effective project that meets the owner’s goals and requirements.

Renovation projects typically present a set of unique challenges differing from those found in new home construction.  An existing structure imposes constraints on construction and design.  Balancing a desire to update and transform an older home while at the same time seeking a seamless transition from the old to the new is not an easy task.  We have the proven experience to assist homeowners by partnering with some of the area’s best architects and designers, or when appropriate, performing the design work in house.  AJC Partners works with homeowners to evaluate existing conditions, review as-built drawings and assess structural requirements to ensure that the new work will be fully integrated into existing spaces.  We also assist homeowners in identifying alternatives that will produce the greatest return in terms of aesthetic quality and financial value over the long term.  Design-build is the preferred approach on renovations as it optimizes the potential to achieve the greatest value from incorporating the new design with existing conditions constraints and unforeseen items that may be uncovered while the project is underway.  From completed plans or design-build, AJC Partners works closely with homeowners to identify the best options available to meet the overall project needs and goals.

Performing work in an owner occupied residence presents another set of challenges unique to renovations and additions.  We take great measures to protect the home and its possessions while minimizing the inconvenience and disruption to the owner’s family and surroundings.  From meetings with the owners prior to the start of construction, we will identify the best methods of protection and ways to separate and seal off areas of the house as needed to accomplish our work.  We will outline and enforce all “site coordination” rules with every subcontractor from project start to completion.  It is the priority and goal of AJC Partners to work closely and effectively with our clients throughout the design and construction process to deliver a superior project that reflects the style and intent of its owners.